Doubtless Bay Auto Parts

Doubtless Bay Auto Parts originated in 2002. My goal was to live somewhere warm and in a country that spoke English as i needed to work for a living. I immigrated from Canada in 1998 and soon forgot i was living in a different country. Our business is one of the oldest in the area and we have had 20 years to understand what we need to supply our clientele. In 2008 we imported our first container of RS200 Oil and Lubricants, last month we unloaded container #23 and the 24th is on the way from Europe.

We are open "all hours" well at least 363 days a year!

We specialize in sourcing , used , new , aftermarket, light, medium , heavy duty spare parts, filtration etc. We stock the largest inventory of Oils and Lubricant's North of Auckland. With an inventory of over $250000.00 boasting a very wide range of oils for everything, old and the very latest. We got your needs covered. Need a battery? We have the largest range in the Far North. We have one for most everything!

All this being said our motto is "Service is our best part!"

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